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The Ruhleben Prison Camp : A Record of Nineteen Months' Internment

By: Cohen, Israel, 1879-1961

... VON TAUBE ACTING COMMANDANT MR. J. POWELL CATTAIN THE RUHLEBEN PRISON GAMP: A RECORD OF NINETEEN MONTHS' INTERNMENT BY ISRAEL COHEN LATE CHAIRMAN OF... ...n 1917 1 Id G TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO COMFORTED ME IN CAPTIVITY THIS CHRONICLE OF MY TRAVAILS IS GRATEFULLY INSCRIBED PREFACE IT may seem s... ...risoners XXIV. The Second Summer.... XXV. My Release Appendix...... Index ...... XI LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Plan of the Ruhleben THE RUHLEBEN PRIS... ...n," in the shadow of the pine-clad mountains, and strolled about the leafy promenades, listening to the local band, composed half of boys, which broke... ...AMP whilst the Sports Control Committee governed all the various sporting activities — football and cricket, golf and tennis, hockey and lacrosse, " l... ...presentations on the matter made by the British Government, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs was informed early in October, 1916, that remit... ... at a game of rounders in the space between Barracks II and XI, and getting cold feet. Football matches had also been played for a time, but they were... ...ge in chess, and a regular chess epidemic broke out throughout the Camp. All the chess-players in each barrack played against one another, and then af... ...ckless benches and smoked and read, or played chess or draughts, or taught one another foreign languages. On one side was a movable barber's shop with...

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