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I've been writing in my spare time for something like 30 years.  I've tried off and on to get my work published.  I'm hoping the chance to self publish through will goad me in spending more time doing something I've always enjoyed.    
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Writing's the one thing that always quiets my mind.

Steinbeck and Kipling are the authors I find myself reading again and again.

Steinbeck because of this line from "Cannery Row":  Its inhabitants are, as the man once said, "whores, pimps, gamblers and sons of bitches," by which he meant Everybody. Had the man looked through another peephole he might have said, "Saints and angels and martyrs and holy men," and he would have meant the same thing.

And Kipling for his insight into the absurdity of our attempts to run the world. 
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The Ugly Lights

By: Steve Gillow

A sequel to "One Song Sets" with stories from The Bunker that don't start and end with either Kitty or the Professor, plus a couple that do.

As for the institution, no dancer will claim Candy as a stage name. At first it was because Mom didn't want the Professor reminded. But every once in a while a new dancer wanted to claim the moniker. The Professor told Mom that it didn't bother him, but she made sure there was nothing Candy-esque about the dancer. Candy #2 was pretty to look at but dumb as a box of rocks. She didn't last a month, aborting a fetus just before pregnancy started to show. Candy #3 w...

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One Song Sets

By: Steve Gillow

A novella describing a single evening in a bar and two people who are surprised to find they like each other even though it's obvious to everyone else.

“I know it’s none of my business, but is she serious?” Kitty shrugged, “Just a phase. And too young anyway.” The Professor wore a downtrodden face when he said that if that was the case, every woman in the joint was too young for him. “Not true,” Kitty compared him to fine wine, or better yet whiskey. He had gained subtleties from the barrel and had been gentled by experience. “Ah,” the Professor said. “And Skates?” “Boone's Farm.” They laughed and a...

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