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Keri Arthur
Occupation Author
Genres fantasy
horror fiction
romance novels

Keri Arthur is a writer of fantasy, horror fiction, and romance novels from Melbourne, Australia. She began writing at the age of twelve and has finished twenty-six novels as of July 2012. Her books have received many nominations and prizes, including nods from the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Awards and PNR's PEARL Awards. She is married and has one daughter.[1]

Arthur is perhaps best known for a series of books revolving around the character Riley Jensen, who is a rare hybrid of vampire and werewolf and has a twin brother named Rhoan. Jensen works for an organisation in Melbourne called the Directorate of Other Races, which was created to police supernatural races.[2]


Nikki and Michael

  1. Dancing With the Devil (ImaJinn Books, Sept 2000; (UK) Piatkus, Nov 2008; (Reissue) Dell, July 2013)
  2. Hearts in Darkness (ImaJinn Books, Sept 2000; (UK) Piatkus, Nov 2008; (Reissue) Dell, August 2013)
  3. Chasing the Shadows (ImaJinn Books, Sept 2003; (UK) Piatkus, Dec 2008; (Reissue) Dell, September 2013 )
  4. Kiss the Night Good-Bye (ImaJinn Books, Sept 2004; (UK) Piatkus, Dec 2008; (Reissue) Dell, October 2013)

Damask Circle

  1. Circle of Fire (ImaJinn Books, Aug 2001; (UK) Piatkus, Aug 2009; (Reissue) Dell, January 28, 2014)
  2. Circle of Death (ImaJinn Books, Sept 2002; (UK) Piatkus, Sept 2009; (Reissue) Dell, February 25, 2014)
  3. Circle of Desire (ImaJinn Books, Sept 2004; (UK) Piatkus, Oct 2009; (Reissue) Dell, April 1, 2014 )

Ripple Creek

  1. Beneath a Rising Moon (ImaJinn Books, Sept 2003; (UK) Piatkus, Sept 2008; (Reissue) Dell, July 2012)
  2. Beneath a Darkening Moon (ImaJinn Books, Dec 2004 (UK) Piatkus, Sept 2008; (Reissue) Dell Oct 2012)

Spook Squad

  1. Memory Zero (ImaJinn Books, June 2004; (UK) Piatkus, 2004; (Reissue) Dell, July 29, 2014)
  2. Generation 18 (ImaJinn Books, Sept 2004; (UK) Piatkus, 2009)
  3. Penumbra (ImaJinn Books, Nov 2005; (UK) Piatkus, 2009)

Riley Jenson Guardian Series

  • A series that follows Riley Jenson a half-vampire/half-werewolf hybrid who works to police supernatural creatures of the world.
  1. Full Moon Rising (Dell, Dec 2006; (UK) Piatkus, April 2007)
  2. Kissing Sin (Dell, Jan 2007; (UK) Piatkus, April 2007)
  3. Tempting Evil (Dell, Feb 2007; (UK) Piatkus, April 2007)
  4. Dangerous Games (Dell, March 2007; (UK) Piatkus, April 2007)
  5. Embraced by Darkness (Dell, July 2007; (UK) Piatkus, Aug 2007)
  6. The Darkest Kiss (Dell, Apr 2008; (UK) Piatkus, May 2008)
  7. Deadly Desire (Dell, March 2009; (UK) Piatkus, April 2009)
  8. Bound to Shadows (Dell, Oct 2009; (UK) Piatkus, Nov 2009)
  9. Moon Sworn (Dell, May 2010; (UK) Piatkus, May 2010)

LifeMate Connections

  1. Eryn (ImaJinn Books, March 2007)

Myth and Magic Series

  1. Destiny Kills (Dell, Oct 2008; (UK) Piatkus, April 2011)
  2. Mercy Burns (Dell, April 2011 (UK) Piatkus, April 2011)

Dark Angels

  • A series that follows Risa Jones a half Aedh, half werewolf who was introduced in the Riley Jensen series.
  1. Darkness Unbound (Dell, September 2011; (UK) Piatkus, September 2011)
  2. Darkness Rising (Dell, October 2011; (UK) Piatkus, October 2011)
  3. Darkness Devours (Signet Select, June 2012; (UK) Piatkus, June 2012)
  4. Darkness Hunts (Signet Select, November 2012; (UK) Piatkus, November 2012)
  5. Darkness Unmasked (Signet Select, June 2013; (UK) Piatkus, June 2013)
  6. Darkness Splintered (Signet, November 5, 2013; (UK) Piatkus, November 2013)
  7. Darkness Falls (2014) Final novel, titled confirmed by Keri on Facebook.

Harry Phellecky, PI Series

  • A series about a part elf, part siren outcast that is a paranormal investigator.
  1. Who Needs Enemies (2013) [E-book]

Souls of Fire

  • New series about a phoenix that can take human shape and foresee death.[3]
  1. Fireborn (June 2014)


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  • Keri Arthur's website
  • Keri Arthur's blog
  • A interview
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