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International Christian School (Hong Kong)

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Title: International Christian School (Hong Kong)  
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International Christian School (Hong Kong)

International Christian School
Shek Mun (main) and Ma On Shan (Kindergarten), Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
Type Private School
Motto Instruction for Life, Commitment to Christ, Service to the Community
Religious affiliation(s) Christian
Established 1992
Principal Brian Van Tassel (High School)
Principal Bryan Thompson (Middle School)
Principal Keith Welch (Upper Elementary), Karen Whenuaroa(Lower Elementary)
Principal Karen Whenuaroa(Kindergarten)
Headmaster John Nelson
Grades K-12
Number of students 1200
Medium of language English
Tuition Kindergarten: Half day class HK$55,100

Elementary School: HK$100,400
Middle School:HK$ 133,000
High School: HK$ 136,400

Affiliation Non-denominational Christian

International Christian School is an English language, Christian independent school in Hong Kong. Founded in 1992, it provides education at all grades from kindergarten to the senior secondary levels.

Admissions will not be accepted

ICS is admits about 20% of its applicant pool annually. Both local and international admissions are based on a two-to-three hour long exam that assesses their verbal, math, and problem solving skills, and an interview.The current Dean of Admissions, Debbie Kadow, manages the competitive admissions every year.


International Christian School (ICS) is based on an American curriculum. ICS students are evaluated through MAP testing during elementary, and PSAT and SAT in high school. In high school, students have gradually increasing freedom in choosing their courses. However, like all high schools, students must obtain a required number of credits each year, as well as a minimum number of credits in certain core disciplines in order to graduate. International Christian School offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in art, various areas of science, mathematics, English language and literature, and Chinese.[1]

Fine and performing arts

Music and art classes are taught to elementary students and sports, art, and drama classes are offered throughout middle and high school.

General music classes are taken up to Grade 4, whereas, in Grade 5, they are replaced with band, choir and strings. Both are then compulsory until high school, where students can then choose to continue taking one or both.[2]

All middle school students are required to take art and drama classes in alternating semesters. In high school, students can choose to take art or drama.


Until Grade 9, classes in Mandarin are mandatory. Upon entering high school, students can either continue taking courses in Mandarin or take classes in French. However, the vast majority of students take Chinese in high school. Starting in middle school, ICS offers a wide variety of Mandarin classes to cater to the wide variety of student language proficiencies.

Bible classes

Bible classes at ICS are compulsory in all grade levels. Grade 6-7 students study the Old Testament in their Bible classes and Grade 8 students study the Gospels.


Student attendance at weekly chapels is mandatory. All-school assemblies occur a few times every academic year. In middle and high school, worship services are led by student worship teams.


International Christian School was originally located in Kowloon City. After a few years, a new campus was opened in Lai Yu. In the 2001-2002 school year, all elementary grade levels moved to a new campus in Fotan, which is in Shatin, and the secondary grade levels moved entirely to the Kowloon City campus. Until the 2007-2008 academic year, the secondary campus, which consists of middle and high school, was in Kowloon City, and the kindergarten and elementary campuses were in Fotan. In the 2007-2008 school year, the elementary and secondary campuses moved into a new building in Shek Mun, which is located near Shatin.

Ma On Shan Campus

Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, the kindergarten campus is located at Chung On Estate (Heng On MTR Station of Ma On Shan line) on the ground floor of Kam Fung Court. The P1 grade, which serves as the final year of kindergarten, is located in Shek Mun, as well as the elementary school, which contains grades 1-5, the middle school, which consists of grades 6-8, and finally, the high school, which consists of grades 9-12.

Shek Mun Campus

The Shek Mun campus, was constructed to represent God's hands spread out. The building is divided into two wings. The first three floors of the building are shared by both the elementary and the secondary. These floors contain most of the music rooms, the two gymnasiums, and various rooms used by the administration. The next four floors consist of general classrooms, computer labs, labs, the libraries, and the art rooms. Finally, the eighth floor is used to house new teachers and their families for their first year at the school. The building's floor numbers start at the ground floor, following the British system commonly used in Hong Kong.



Karen Whenuaroa is the principal over the kindergarten and lower elementary. Keith Welch is the principal of the upper elementary. The middle school principal is Bryan Thompson. Brian Van Tassel is the principal of the high school. The school's headmaster is John Nelson.


According to the ICS website,[3] the faculty is highly diverse as with the student population, with 60% from US, 14% from Hong Kong, 7% from New Zealand, 6% from Canada, 5% from Australia, 3% from UK, 5% from India, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore as of the 2013-2014 school year.


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