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Luer marraine?.post-WWI-era postcard art.Wittig collection.item 46.obverse.scan.jpg

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Title: Luer marraine?.post-WWI-era postcard art.Wittig collection.item 46.obverse.scan.jpg  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Luer marraine?.post-WWI-era postcard art.Wittig collection.item 46.obverse.scan.jpg

Summary Luer marraine?..... ("Your godmother?.....") post-WWI-era postcard art. A fairly mature/tough-looking, "hardened" young(-ish) poilu & a very modern/stylish young woman of the era. He is dressed in full uniform, with an off-duty flat-cap; she is in contemporary & fashionable modern dress, but with somewhat unusual characteristics, suggesting ethnic costume and/or symbolic references. Probably an allegorical drawing; possibly about the return of the Alsace-Lorraine region to France, &/or possibly alluding to the story of Cinderella (with modern/contemporary characteristics). The lady appears to be an allegorical personification, or an otherwise specific character/cultural reference, but does not seem to be a representation of "la France" taken as a whole. I am not entirely clear which way the caption-line is intended; whether the soldier is god-mothering the lady (which seems moderately more likely), or vice-versa (which might conceivably explain the peculiarities of her appearance). Pen & ink drawing on grey card-stock paper; drawn on a post-card blank. Artist-signed/marked, with the date "21.4.20", bottom right. Back has a lengthy inscription/message; possibly written or at least signed by the same hand as the artwork on the front, dated 22.4.20, not yet transcribed or translated. Postally used in 1920; postage stamp top-left on the front of the postcard. Created circa 1920. More information would be appreciated; feel free to transcribe/translate. Wittig collection, item 46; private collection, fam. Wittig et cie. Created in 1920; therefore obviously pre-1923; uploaded here to avoid Commons' "dual jurisdiction" PD rule. Please do not transfer to WMC unless you can confirm the item's PD-status as per Commons' requirements. ORIGINAL SOURCE VERSION OF FILE, please do not overwrite! (reverse is also uploaded at File:Luer marraine?.post-WWI-era postcard art.Wittig collection.item 46.reverse.scan.jpg) Licensing
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